Monday, February 18, 2008

Dorm Life

Here is our dorm at Czech Tech University.  All of us have rooms that are shared with one or two other people and a common room that we share between six or seven students.  The common rooms have a tiny kitchen and eating area and two bathrooms, one with a toilet, and one with a shower.  We are told they are the nicest dorms the university has, and so far they've been pretty good.  Going back to the dorms from an apartment is a little difficult, but it's a great way to be around lots of people all the time and keep you connected with everyone here.  

I also have started an online photo album if you want to view more of my photos!  Click here to view them.

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Nadine Wise said...

Great pictures Heather-keep them coming. Looks cold now, but hopefully it won't be long before things turn green!