Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Stroll Around Prague

Today we finally took a tour of the city!  After 5 days, I finally feel like I've been to Prague and understand the city a little better.  We started out at Prague Castle and went inside the cathedral. 

The castle is located on a hill overlooking the city, so there were some amazing views of many other important landmarks in Prague.  I love all of the orange roofs that cover the city!

After visiting the castle and many other historical state buildings, we crossed the famous Charles Bridge.  Even though it was nearly dark, the bridge was still packed with people.  The bridge was quite nice, but I hear it's even better at night.  We'll have to make another trip there sometime soon.  Interesting fact about Charles Bridge: construction on the bridge started in 1357 on the 9th of July at 5:31pm.  Why such an odd time, and how in the world can I remember that?  The date is a series of odd numbers: 135797531, which they believed would bring luck to Prague.  Just in case you needed a little bit of trivia knowledge...  On the other side of the bridge there is an awesome view of the castle on the hill.
After crossing Charles Bridge we headed to Old Town to conclude our 4 hour tour.  Finally a familiar place!  We have been there at least once a day since we've been here, so we've gotten pretty comfortable exploring that area.  We ended the evening with dinner in Old Town and headed back to the dorms.

Tomorrow will be an early morning--we're going on a day trip to Karlovy Vary!  Karlovy Vary is a spa town with many different mineral waters which supposedly have healing powers.  We'll get to see (and maybe taste...I've heard they aren't so good...) the mineral waters, but I don't suppose we'll spend the day at the spa.  We'll also visit Loket Castle which is nearby.  It should be a really fun day...except for the forecasted rain...good thing I brought my polka dot umbrella!

I've also posted many more pictures of our trip around the city today in my online album.  They are down below the previous ones.  Click here to see them!


Nadine Wise said...

Hi Heather!

What cool pictures! And you haven't even been there a week yet! Next week it will be classes, but I wonder how much you will get done! Just kidding!
Love, Mom

reinkebarb said...

Heather - see you've been the busy little tourist. Prague looks almost exactly like Krakow Poland. Hope you are enjoying every moment of your time there.
The Reinkes