Thursday, March 6, 2008

This is what homework in Prague looks like

After getting our studio assignments on Monday, we decided to go visit all of the spaces that we can choose from to inspire our furniture designs.  They were pretty incredible places, and I'm glad we got the chance to see some more of the important landmarks in Prague.  
On Tuesday we started out at Prague Castle and visited Vladislav Hall of the Royal Palace.  
The ceiling here was just so cool.  I loved the Gothic arches that formed flowers and star patterns over the entire hall.  It was so simple yet extremely complex in other areas, and all of the stonework was beautiful.
Next we went to St. George's Basilica, a Romanesque church also in Prague Castle.  I wasn't as impressed with this space as the other, but it had some nice frescoes and a cool wooden ceiling over the main space.
I probably enjoyed the iron railings the most in this church, though.  They were really cool and should be good inspiration for our creative detail class (the one where we have to design some architectural detail such as an iron railing, grill, window, door, etc.).  
After we were done at Prague Castle, we headed down the street to the Baroque church of St. Nicholas.  This was probably the most intricately detailed church I have ever seen.  While some might say that it is gaudy looking, I think it's important to appreciate the architecture for the style it is and the amount of time and effort it must have taken to design and build.  I can't even fathom having to draw each single little detail and the level of craftsmanship that went into its creation.
Some of the details were especially intriguing to me.  I have noticed a reinterpretation of the Baroque style gaining popularity over the years (through companies such as Brocade Home) and can see the detail of this door becoming the pattern for many products such as textiles or wall covering.
On Wednesday we went to our Art Nouveau space, the Municipal Hall.  This building serves as a theater, and we will probably go into the main hall (we only visited the lobby because you had to pay a considerable amount just to see the theater space for a couple minutes) when we go see a play or concert soon.  
This building was also very interesting and had a ton of cool details in the handrails along with several fun mosaic tile floor patterns.  

I'll post more pictures of all the spaces (and some of the exteriors) next week.  Tonight I'll be getting ready for our weekend trip to Vienna, Austria!  Have a good weekend everyone!

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