Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fish & Chips

This past weekend we took a trip to Scotland and stayed with a friend who has been studying at the Glasgow School of Art.  We had such a fun weekend, and it was interesting getting to see where other K-State students are studying and how their life is different from ours here in Prague.  We visited both Edinburgh and Glasgow, and I have to say I loved them both.  It's hard to compare the two because they are very different, but I know I could have spent more time in both cities.  My only regret about the trip is not getting to go up to the highlands and see the beautiful Scottish countryside.  We did, however, get a little preview on the trip between cities and at Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.  
I haven't had much of a chance to write about the trip because we got back late Monday night, and I've had a lot of homework to catch up on since then!  It's been especially crazy because we are leaving for Switzerland tonight, and after I get back at 5 am on Wednesday morning, I leave early Thursday morning to go to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit another friend and see some awesome Scandinavian design.  I can't wait to get to Switzerland and see the beautiful scenery.  We will be visiting Geneva, Interlaken, and Zurich.  I am excited about all of these trips, but I know the time will fly by--all the while I'm supposed to be working on projects for all of my classes!  But as I've learned here, it will all work out, so I should just enjoy myself!  
I've uploaded pictures from Edinburgh, Scotland, and I'm working on getting the ones from Glasgow uploaded as well.  Click here to view the Edinburgh photos--enjoy!  

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