Sunday, June 1, 2008

Figure Drawing

One of my favorite classes this semester was figure drawing.  It was such a stress-free class because all we had to do was show up every Tuesday night and draw for a few hours (no homework!).  While it got frustrating at times, I loved this class because I could work on my drawing skills, and I really saw improvement over the course of the semester.


Anonymous said...

thats sooooooooo wrong
-pissed of girl

Mark said...

Hi Heather,

I live in Prague, and found your blog via a google search on "figure drawing prague"... I was a part of a regular group that met to draw together when I lived in the US, but i've fallen out of the habit here. Would you be willing to give me more info on the figure drawing class you took? I'd love to get my hand going again.

Thank you very much, and best of luck where ever you are now!

Mark Stewart, jmark.stewart at gmail